Are they this gullible?

Just a nice farm house.

Politicians are happy when they’re talking to a crowd from the podium. But, sometimes you’d think they’re facing a pre-kindergarten bunch.

Case in point: Michele Bachmann was a Minnesota congresswoman who also ran for the Republican party presidential nomination in 2012. But here is what she had to say to a crowd recently. She discussed election fraud, a favorite subject of the Republicans although, after the 2020 election, Trump and company filed and lost at least 63 lawsuits about election fraud. Nevertheless, Bachmann is still firing away. She tells the crowd that mail-in ballots could be printed in China. Why? She doesn’t say, but I suspect it’s always a good tactic to have your enemy part of the fraud. The ballots, once printed, would be sent through various countries to the US in order to avoid detection. Then, the ballots could be stored like in a barn in Minnesota. Yes. The fraudulent ballots would be stored in a barn.

I’m not making any of this up! Trust me.

Just after counting all of the ballots in the real election, someone would determine, for example, they needed 48,000 ballots to win the election. So, they just go to the barn, grab 48,000 ballots, return, change the count and voila ! That’s how the Democrats work the elections.

No, really. Who, in their right mind, could believe such a ridiculous scenario.

You would think that a person making such idiotic statements would carry an IQ of around 60 with a mild mental disability. But I’m certain she’s much brighter. Which comes to asking the question: WHY IS SHE DOING THIS?

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If you want to see Michele Bachmann in all her glory, here is the Twitter link:

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