Bank robberies

Many years ago, maybe in the early 80’s, I worked in a computer consulting firm. One day, I’m standing in line in a bank which happens to be directly under our offices.

I was standing in line, not to interact with a machine, but with a live person. It was pay day. I had my paycheck in hand. I needed to deposit it to cover basic family expenses like rent, food and transportation. In front of me, there’s a man mid-twenties, maybe. It’s February, and he wears a suntan.

The line moves slowly, served by four tellers, all young ladies. The man finally walks to one of the available tellers. I’m next in line. The teller beside them is now available, so I move up, and hand over my paycheck and bank book (yes, we had bank books then).

Suddenly, the teller who served the suntanned man erupts in a loud cry, her two hands covering her face. She then points her fingers towards the main door. Colleagues rushed to her side as she explodes: ‘He robbed me.’ I turn around in time to see the man walking away, not running, and disappearing in the crowd.

As I listened to the small group of employees surrounding the poor teller, I learned the man handed a note saying he had a gun, and wanted all her cash. She obliged.

Many years later, in another bank, a good friend of mine lived thru a similar experience. Only when the robber started running to get away, he and a few others jumped him. The police arrived and took over. My friend received a cash reward from the banker’s association for his bravery.

I’m curious to learn of similar stories. Just write back.

Have a great day.

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